Instead of using Interviews or Career Chats try using Dream Sessions!  It is easier to say “Let’s get together to see how MK can help you step into your Dream Life.”  You can use the following files from NSD Diane Sumpter! Be sure to listen to her voxer message here

*Dream Sheet*

*Dream Book*

*Dream Book Powerpoint Presentation*

*Dream Session Video*


Top 3 speeches from Career Conference…thanks Cindy Mac


EESD Pamela Shaw’s speech from Career Conference 2019 Orlando FL



The Look Book has landed in your customer’s mailboxes. It’s GO TIME – here’s a message on following up: 
3 Reasons we don’t follow up with PCP lists:
1. We don’t have a plan of attack 
2. We don’t know what to say 
3. We feel like we’re bugging people 
Time to connect, serve & REMIND customers you are there & you appreciate their loyalty  


Three fantastic Director messages from NSD Leah Lauchlan on Cruise Strategy

Message 1:

Message 2:

Message 3:  https://




Thanks to Jan Theford for sharing…

The Top 3 things I’ve learned to do when it comes to successfully starting a new year! 
Find some time in the next couple of days to do #1.

Part 1 of 3

Have you ever said .. or heard someone say Mary Kay didn’t work for me. Could it possibly be the right kind of MK work was not done so that the business would work? 
Check out this message where I talk about this very thing! 

Part 2 of 3

There are only 2 reasons we don’t move up in this business. We are not willing or we’re not skilled! Developing the skill is just a matter of learning.. being ready and willing… well that’s your choice! 
Listen to this message and decide for yourself! 

Part 3 of 3


12/4/2018 Sharpe & Kittson Director Playback Info
December to Remember & Taking Action
SNSD Connie Kittson & NSD Kristin Sharpe
Playback Link:
Playback No.:
Playback Number: (712) 775-7029
Access Code: 499-966-920#
Reference No: 229

Booking and Coaching

NSD Lisa Allison trained in a second vox as well!! Where is the #1 place to find your hostesses? 3 tips from this top National Sales Director: Listen to my Vox

SNSD Julia Burnett
Step 1: Speaking OUT a COMPELLING vision. It will get your guests’ attention. Listen to my Vox
Step 2: Your MK-life could be effortless but not without effort. Listen to my Vox
Steps 3 & 4: Making it “interactive” with tickets. Introducing YOU WANT TICKETS & selling the dream via the Purse Game. Listen to my Vox

Sales Director Brooke Noble
The HOW TO for getting the 2nd appointment! Listen to my Vox
How to play “the fabulous name game” at your appointments! Listen to my Vox

NSD Jeanie Martin – Booking Using a Model Portfolio Listen to my Vox

Linda Toupin – Tips & Truths for the week: Coaching a party reduces postponements & cancelations. Remember your job is to help the hostess get what she wants free or at a discount. When you help enough people get what they want you get what you want (not just the Mary Kay but in life) Listen to my Vox

Lifeline of Your Business Booking Messages by Tina Frantz

Message 1- Make the time to Book! Listen to my Vox

Message 2- Who do I Book? Listen to my Vox

Message 3- Stuck and Need New people! Listen to my Vox

Message 4- Booking Referrals Listen to my Vox

Message 5- Booking from your Bookings Listen to my Vox 

Message 6- Anatomy of a Booking Listen to my Vox


NSD Jan Thetford  on Customer Service
Part 1 – on the value of great Customer Service! What is it? Why do we do it? and How do we do it? This message is a little long but it sets the foundation and the other messages will be shorter! Listen to the message and start putting money making systems in place right away! Listen to my Vox
Part 2 – on The Value of Incorporating Great Customer Service into your Business! Why is Customer Service Important? Listen to my Vox
Part 3 – How do we incorporate great customer service? Listen to my Vox

Money Management

Cindy Machado-Flippen‘s GREAT message about money mgmt & managing your inventory. She supported herself as a SINGLE WOMAN for 7 years (bought a house near NYC, etc!) completely from her MK business. She says “the day I got this (money mgmt) I saw financial freedom in the middle of my mess”; well worth a Listen to my Vox

SNSD Julia Burnett – $$ management basics, do you have a specific place for your $ to land once you make a sale? Listen to my Vox

Sales Director Amy Kemp‘s Tips on How to Run a Tight Financial Ship & Earn a Profit in MK! The Flow of Money Through Your Business! Million $$$ Listen to my Vox

Motivation and Inspiration

SNSD Julia Burnett – Personal Growth & Self-Esteem – You’ll never outperform your self-esteem. If your desire is a “10” & yet your self-esteem is a “5,” your desire will always perform at a “5”. A story that touched me this morning from John Maxwell’s “15 Invaluable laws of growth” Listen to my Vox

Jan Thetfotd GROWTH series
Message 1 – Overview of Growth
Message 2 – Growing Spiritually
Message 3 – Growing Emotionally
Message 4 – Growing Mentally
Message 5 – Growth Wrap-up/Summary

Top Sales Director Eileen Huffman – Dealing with Disappointment
PART 1 Listen to my Vox
PART 2 Listen to my Vox

Leah LauchlanHow do you respond to God’s detour and delay? Listen to my Vox

NSD Sylvia Kalicak – Showing up for SUCCESS! Listen to my Vox

ESSD Amy Kemp – Leaders are resourceful finishers! Are you throwing your hands up or figuring it out in August? Listen to my Vox

Darren HardyHere’s a 3 min tough love message from my man, Darren! “You have to have the guts to risk the life you are living for the one you are capable of.” Listen to my Vox

Top Sales Director Tina Frantz – Feeling frustrated or scared about your month or results? 4 things that could be reason why! Listen to my Vox

NSD Jan Thetford – Are you a weenie or a hotdog? Listen to my Vox

NSD Diane Mentiply – 20 Key Habits of Consultants who MOVE UP! Listen to my Vox

Roya Mattis story 5 min breakdown:
(Thought MK was crazy lol)

Jordan Twilley | 3 min | GREAT video
Family oriented, strong work ethic, purpose, growth to pass on, young

Kristen Christen | 9 min | Young mom in early 20’s, great video
Retired her 25 years old husband in 2.5 months, no sales experience, loved products and positive culture, needed to get out of the house

Amy Kemp | 16 min |Great for moms, working women
Started as small town/average girl, growth in confidence, mom, teacher, introvert, sports fan, not salesy, looking for more personally

Jamie Taylor | 20 min | College Student
Young, skeptic, non-salesy, afraid of public speaking

Stacy James | 15 min | Good for feelers
Purpose/goal driven, for the sake of women, passion driven

Sales Director Cynda Worrell’s Story
12 minutes 
(Special needs children)

Dacia Wiegandt 13 minutes
(Busy Women, husband speaks)

College Students and Young Adults 2 min 
breakdown: (looking for more)

            Inventory Options for a new Mary Kay consultant and FREE                     Michelle Cunningham 11/23 Bonuses: